More Macropayments

Here’s another example of the macropayment stuff I’ve been talking about for the last few days. John Klima is editor of Electric Velocipede, which I have never read but I know of because he has published William Shunn and I heard about it on his podcast. Now (via SF Scope) I found out about this offer of lifetime “benefactor” subscriptions. $20 normally gets you a four issue subscription to Electric Velocipede, but $150 gets you a lifetime subscription.

To sweeten the pot above the normal lifetime subscription offer – which is generally a wager being placed on longevity – he’s including copies of everything he has previous published (and still in stock, of course, because he can’t give you what he doesn’t have.) This actually reduces the threshold a lot, because without it you are betting on whether there will be 30 more issues of the magazine. If yes, you come out ahead. If no, you are behind. Now, you need there to be approximately 15 more issues but even so you get a care package of stuff right out of the gate. As I understand it, even better is that you are not subscribing to Electric Velocipede per se but John Klima, so any magazines or anthologies he edits, you will get a copy. That seems like a good deal to me.

This is another example of the principle of giving those who will support your projects and pay money an opportunity to pay more all at once for more stuff. Another macropayment in the wild. Thanks, John Klima, for helping make my point for me.