Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for December 15 2023 – I Used To Love Your Show

In this episode I play a song by Slaid Cleaves; I’m buying production stuff but it isn’t all showing up; I want a Stream Deck plugin for Audio Hijack; the American Pencil Collector Society actually did send me a welcome packet that I buried under a pile; I have started a daily carry notebook; integrating the physical and digital information is always tricky; Rocketbook is a somewhat acceptable compromise; I realized what a lock-in the Proton Mail “hide my address” function is; I finally had enough of the Cortex podcast; I unsubscribed from a pair of Tig Notaro podcasts; “I used to love your show”; I like the Lou Barlow backing track system; I am enjoying my Danger Man watch project; I don’t want a documentary to include the documentarian.


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