Around the Podosphere Part 3

I’ve heard so much stuff of note I keep forgetting things I wanted to mention. One of those is the recent Skepticality episode that had Philip Zimbardo as the guest. I saw him on the Daily Show recently, and also on some random documentary on Sundance about the psychology of the abuse of power. In that documentary, he said that Stanley Milgram (of the infamous shocking quiz experiment) thanked him for doing the Stanford prison experiment because “now I won’t be known as the man who did the least ethical experiment in the history of psychology.” I want to read the Zimbardo book The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil. It was quite nice being able to hear him at an hour length, as opposed to the 6 minutes with Jon Stewart. I do highly recommend this episode.


I’m doing full coverage of the SXSW session podcasts in a different post, but the ones I’d recommend listening to if you are only going to listen to a few are the Bruce Sterling keynote, Phil Torrone and Limor Fried keynote, Joi Ito and Justin Hall’s MMORPG panel (if you swing that way), and the Four Hour Work Week. Note that these are not individually linked because they don’t have permalinks per session, and if I linked to the MP3s, they’d all show up in my RSS feed which I don’t want.