An Open Letter to TBS

Below is the text of an email I just fired off to TBS. I stand behind it, so here it is on the blog as well.

I’m watching the playoff baseball games and I have hit the point where the Frank TV promos have driven me insane. I started out with a neutral opinion of Frank Caliendo but the repeated airings of the same few promos of him doing his stale corny crap over and over have convinced me he sucks and that I will NEVER watch one second of this show.

I may well start taping the games and watching on a delay so I can skip these mind-numbingly repetitious promos which are not the slightest bit amusing. They make me angry. They make me want to lobby MLB to yank your license to baseball. They make me want to find the executive that green lit Frank TV and light on fire a bag of dog poop on their porch. They make me want to shove Frank Caliendo in the same tube with James Doohan’s ashes and have him fired into orbit.

As a Braves fan I’ve been watching baseball on TBS for over 20 years and I’ve never hated the experience so much as I do now. Stop the insanity. These promos suck, Frank sucks, when TBS is airing this stuff TBS sucks. TBS used to be great. Please just dial down the suck. It’s not so much to ask, is it?