Top Shelf Comix $3 Sale for 2014

Top Shelf $3 sale 2014

Every fall, Top Shelf Comics has a massive blowout sale on their inventory. It works out that these comics are enjoyed by not only me but Punkin as well. It is fortuitous that the same company puts out From Hell, The Essex County trilogy but also Owly, Korgi and Johnny Boo. It is literally fun for the whole family.

Until Friday September 26th a lot of their books are on sale for $3. Some are as low as $1 and even the high end stuff is 50% off. This is a great time to go impulse buy some stuff, either for the adults in the house or the kids. Just make sure you know which books are for whom.

Eddie Campbell on Becoming Things

I’m at this moment listening to writer and artist Eddie Campbell get interviewed on Inkstuds. This is good timing as I just picked up 9 of his Alec and Bacchus books from the Top Shelf $3 sale (still 2 days left.) He just made an amazing quote on starting up new pursuits and committing to them.

In my teens I had already decided that I was an artist. Not that I wanted to be one, that I already was one. In my head I was one. I think to succeed you’ve got to be slightly mad. It’s not just a matter of deciding what you want to be, you have to believe you already are that thing, it’s just that nobody else has noticed yet.

I think this is excellent advice that I’ve inadvertently been following my whole life. No one asked me to be a radio talk show host, or a podcaster, or a conference organizer. For that matter, when I went to graduate school in computer science I had never actually taken a computer science course in my life but in my mind I was the thing and I made it happen. Decide what you want to be, decide you are that thing and manipulate reality until it is true.

Top Shelf Comix

I don’t remember seeing their booth but surely Top Shelf Comix was displaying at Dragon*Con. One of the principals lives in Marietta, so it seems ridiculous not to. It’s that time of the year when Top Shelf has their big blowout sale, and are selling a number of their graphic novels at discounts and 97 of them for $3! Wowza. They ask for a $30 minimum order, which only seems fair when you are buying stuff this cheap. I’ve got a shopping cart full of Eddie Campbell stuff myself and will fire that up later today when I’ve had a chance to ruminate on what else I want to add. Check them out, it’s all good stuff.