US Airways Explores New Ways to Annoy

One of the big downsides of residing in the Myrtle Beach area is that most of the air flight out of MYR is handled by US Airways. This flight, at least, we left on time and so far have been without incident. However, I’m not particularly happy about paying for a ticket for a flight that is in the high 3 digits, and then getting charged $5 to pick my seat to Charlotte, $15 to pick my seat to San Francisco and then another $20 to check my bag. Then, when you get on the plane they charge your $7 for a cardboard sandwich and $2 for a coke.

I’ve already dropped a fairly large amount for this flight, and I really hate getting nickled and dimed. If the flight was $50 more, it wouldn’t really matter at this point. Making me pay 3 separate transactions just to get on the plane and charging me for every little bit of food and drink begins to wear on me. Really, what happens over time isn’t that they pick up lost revenue on these transactions but that the airlines convince me not to make trips I can’t drive to.