EGC Podcast Schedule to Record 8:30 PM EDT, April 6

Once again, I’m going to continue the experiment of recording my podcast and streaming. Tonight at 8:30 PM EDT I’ll be recording and streaming it live via Ustream. If you want to see a Kindle demonstrated, you can see it here. I’ll also once again try the experiment of posting with a ustream window embedded in it a few minutes before I start streaming.

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Watch Me Live with Comic Boxes

Just to make this even weirder I’m going to try embedding the Ustream widget right here on the blog as I unbox and try to assemble some comic drawer boxes. What could be more fascinating?

Update: The experiment seems to have gone fine. The people watching the stream got to see lots of shots of my dog trying to be helpful and licking the boxes as I was trying to assemble them. I’m going to redo this again tonight for the vlog since I’m pretty sure my footage from the camcorder was useless.

Thanks to Derek Coward for actually providing me the information the directions lacked on how to assemble the second end of the shell. I ended up getting a little stuck and Derek bailed me out from the chat. As a side benefit, a guy whose been my friend for pushing 25 years joined in the chat and we talked afterwards. Good times!

Streaming live video by Ustream

Ustreaming Tonight, March 2nd at 8:30 PM Eastern

Tonight and for the near future, I’ll be live on Ustream Monday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern time. Most nights I will be recording episodes of the podcast in that time slot but tonight I’ll be shooting a video of me unboxing and setting up my comic book drawer boxes that just arrived today. If I can figure out how to stream the camcorder video as I shoot it, I’ll do that. Otherwise, I’ll just set a laptop nearby and let it ride. We’ll see how this works out. Tonight might be interesting or it might be a disaster. Anything is possible but drop in and check it out.

Streaming Podcasting

Partly because I think it is fun when the guys at Good Clean Fun do it, I’ve started experimenting with streaming it live when I’m recording episodes of my podcast. Thus far, I’ve only done it once. As I type this, I’m about to do it again. You can see it at my very own Ustream channel. Come and check me out and see what an actual train wreck the recording of this thing actually is.