VNC Convert

I am almost ashamed to admit that until last week, I was completely ignorant on the subject of VNC. I had seldom used it as a client and never set it up on the server. In fact, it took needing to use it at work to even make me use it. After getting over my initial misunderstandings of it (I thought the goal was to control the desktop of the console, kind of like PC Anywhere), I have to admit that this thing rocks.

Once I knew what I was doing, I set it up on my server at home as well. Now I can do things like use my Azureus GUI from the living room. It used to be when publishing my shows, I’d always have to walk back to the office to start the torrent seeding. Now I can do it from anywhere, including the downtown Conway branch office. I don’t know why I never got on board earlier. I guess using ssh and the command line has met my needs thoroughly enough that I never felt it necessary. I’ve always been a late bloomer.