Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for March 31 2023 – That’s When It Really Hurts

In this episode, I play a song by SILENCAEON; the audio issues on my stack are really dragging me down; an episode of Eating the Fantastic made me nostalgic for cyberpunk; I like Pat Cadigan on Mastodon; the Shipherds can work a timeshare pitch; no money leaves my pocket if you call me; downtown Conway is a foodie little area; I walked away from all my stuff at softball practice triggering a lot of self-loathing; I worry I will throw away or give away the only thing in my mom’s junk that is worth any money; I am mad about this OpenLibrary lawsuit and at the big four publishers; my first Mastodon blocks of individuals were around OpenLibrary; Obsidian plus whisper trancripts is helping show prep; I has taken me 2.5 years to watch season one of Danger Man; I like the mundanity of the spy craft; I am a newish subscriber to the 2000 AD Thrillcast.

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