What is the Wattage of Your Lifestyle?

Last week I blogged about the Saul Griffith presentation on energy literacy. In it, he calculated the wattage of his lifestyle. For those of you that would like to purse a similar metric, there is an online tool to help you calculate and track your lifestyle. It is called WattzOn. I just created a profile and according to it my lifestyle is 6.1 KW. That’s pretty high for what Griffith was shooting for (I think 2 KW was his target) but not terrible compared to the average American. That I don’t fly very much helped out there.

I do notice that in their forums there is a gadfly from the @Saul account, who seems to spent a lot of time urging them to make the tool better. What are the odds that is Saul Griffith? Pretty good, I’d say.