The Movie Has Rolled Footage

| 1 min read

Today I went and did the first shoot of the documentary. My subject was Chavdar, himself a photographer who just graduated from Horry-Georgetown Technical College. By and large the setup and shoot went well. I have yet to review the footage so there is the possibility of a nasty surprise lurking. I screwed up one technical thing so simple and basic that I'm not going to say what it is. However, it was in the audio which is what I would have thought would be my strong suit here.

We'll see where things go from here, but I'm happy. Just even getting out and shooting is a different level of reality from talking about it for years, even if every bit of this footage is unusable (which dear "Bob" I hope is not the case.) A few lines of questioning just don't work, and I probably didn't really arrange things properly to get at what I wanted to explore in the most efficient way. Still, it's a learning process and now I'm learning. We have begun!