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I know as a person of certain tribes I am supposed to squee with delight at the idea of OK Go and/or a new song/video from them. But I don't. I am filled with a giant sense of apathy. I don't hate what they do, but I just don't care, not about the music, not about the videos, nothing.

I got to the point in my podcast queue where their most recent appearance on The Nerdist came up. I got through the intro and a couple of minutes into the show and decided that my listening time and attention would better be placed anywhere else. Instead I listened to Mike and Rich of the Flash-back podcast talk in excruciating detail about the first issue of the Flash: Season Zero comic book. I made the right call.

I didn't delete the file. I'll give it another shot on a different day and see if that changes my mood. Like all of these things, I don't feel proud for my apathy. I just feel nothing.